State Licenses

State License Number License Type Regulated Text Disclosures
Arizona 0944130 Mortgage Banker License
California - DBO 60DBO45220 Finance Lenders Law License
Colorado n/a Mortgage Company Registration
Delaware 29676 Lender License
District of Columbia MLB196858 Mortgage Dual Authority License
Florida MLD1060 Mortgage Lender License
Georgia 50793 Mortgage Lender License/Registration
Indiana-DFI 40323 Mortgage Lending License
Kentucky MC700781
Maryland 18902 Mortgage Lender License
New Jersey n/a Residential Mortgage Lender License
North Carolina L-169006 Mortgage Lender License
Ohio RM.804357.000 Residential Mortgage Lending Act Certificate of Registration
Oregon ML-5720 Mortgage Lending License
Pennsylvania 36977 Mortgage Lender License
South Carolina-BFI MLS - 196858 Mortgage Lender / Servicer License
Tennessee 138243 Mortgage License
Texas - SML n/a Mortgage Banker Registration
Virginia MC-5462 Broker License
Virginia MC-5462 Lender License
Washington CL-196858 Consumer Loan Company License